Ellenwood Equestrian Center focuses on dressage horse riding, which is the art and sport of being in synch with your horse, guiding it gently through movements of your hips and shoulders. It's an intuitive, fun way to ride horses, which is perfect for novice beginners or even the most advanced riders.

We understand not everyone is looking to ride more than once a lifetime, or even week. We make sure to treat you with the upmost respect, care, and patience to ensure you have the best date night, family trip, or group activity. You will have amazing lasting memories, and we look forward to connecting with you. Who knows, you might just love it and decide to become a regular as countless thousands have done over the years.

  • Group lessons:     30.00 per person
  • Private lessons:    45.00 per person


Contact us:
Lynn Marks    404)317-2670
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